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Whether on a yacht or in a villa, enjoy your holiday as we think about and manage the finer details. We have selected the best providers on the island and we provide a freshness and quality of the highest standards. When considering flowers and fresh products, please remember we are on an island and it might take a while to receive fresh products.

    We collaborate with the best flower artists on the island who can create the arrangement you are looking for, as well as beautiful bouquets and decorations, a solution for any occasion.
    Have your drinks ready and cool upon your arrival and every day during your stay. We can source the best bottles available on the island or have them delivered from anywhere.
    Let us taking care of fully stocking your galley or kitchen with the best products around. We can shop to any dietary requirements and preferences.
    Experience the comfort and privilege of having the best chefs combining the finest food and luxury, preparing meals to your tastes while you are fully enjoying your holiday.
    If you need an extra hand or someone totally taking care of the house/yacht, please contact the specialist and we will get you the most professional team to meet your needs, allowing you to enjoy your time.
    Don’t waive the possibility of having personal butler and waiting staff, either for a special dinner or for the entirety of your stay. They will anticipate your needs and fulfil your desires – looking after you and your guests. Professional and multilingual staff.
    We manage the best professionals to maintain your privacy and look after your property and you. Most of the Ibiza villas are located in remote areas of the island and it is very important to hire security guards to make your stay even more peaceful. If you are staying on a yacht or simply need bodyguards-security staff to assist you day-to day or during an event, we also have the solution. Our security staff can join you on your night out, please have a look to our chaperone service as well and choose the solution which best meets your needs.
    If you want to fully enjoy VIP partying while feeling safe, we do offer you chaperone service staff. The VIP chaperone operator it is not only a security guard but a personal concierge who can help in different situations, expert advices on the island secrets, help with reservations on the go, lead you to the club door and follow you at the table to assure the best quality experience is delivered understanding the needs, guaranteeing security and privacy while guiding you through the most famous and busy nightlife.
    Get fully involved in local traditions, learning how to prepare local dishes, “licor de hierbas” or simply have a nice time with the kids, we also have special cooking classes for children. If what you are looking for is something different, this is a great idea for a children´s party. Our special pizza chef will prepare pizzas and the children can have a lot of fun with seasonings and secret ingredients.
    Want to enjoy the perfect day at sea with your own or rented yacht? We have the solution for you, let us provide you with the most modern and fun toys in the market….and no worries, we deliver and collect them. You can join SUP, jet ski, kayak excursions or rent the equipment yourself and explore the amazingly picturesque Island coast, islets, coves and caves.


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