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Baby & kids Supplies


Like you, children also deserve to make the most out of their stay in Ibiza. However, there is no guarantee that they’ll enjoy the same things you love. They don’t have to participate in boring dinners and endless night-outs. Not when they have the option of playing, training, and living to their definition of fun. If you ask around for trusted baby and kids solution providers in Ibiza, chances are you’ll be led to us.



Enjoy your Vodka, party, or special dinner with your guest without worrying about your kids. They’ll be in hands as good as yours, if not better. Contact us for trusted professional nannies in Ibiza. They are trained, experienced, licensed, multilingual, and friendly.


Children Entertainment in Ibiza

We collaborate with the best children entertainers on the island to give your kids an Ibiza experience they’ll live to tell. They’ll love our children shows, pet shows, clowns, cooking classes, among other entertainment options.


Children Yoga & Fitness

Ibiza is the island to reclaim your peace of mind and repair your mind-body connection. In this fast-paced and tough world, children are not left behind in the need to heal and stay fit. We have trained and licensed yoga teachers who will improve your children’s posture, fitness, and relieve their stress.


Ibiza Baby & kids Supplies


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