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If you’re looking for entertainment services in Ibiza, you’re in the right place. We let you plunge yourself in one of the most famous and vibrant sceneries the planet has to offer. Ibiza offers the widest range of entertainment with an option for every taste – from the world-famous beach clubs in amazing settings to exclusive restaurants, boat parties to amazing venues for private and corporate events.

The party at Ibiza only gets better with rich music, trekking through untouched nature among a dozen other activities. The inner, rural Ibiza and old charm villages look like many islands rolled into one.

It is crucial that you choose to visit the right place at the right time, as the offerings are numerous and varied. We can get you into the most competitive clubs and restaurants and prepare a program tailored to your requests. Don’t let the high summer demand make you miss out on enjoying the finest that Ibiza has to offer. With the best all-in-one entertainment providers in Ibiza, you don’t have to worry about missing these opportunities.


VIP Nightlife

Looking for fun? The VIP Ibiza nightlife awaits! Get exclusive access and VIP tables at some of the most exciting lounges, nightclubs, and hotspots around Ibiza. Ask for our Chaperone service or security service if you need one of our team members to assist you during your night out.


Fine Dining – Ibiza Beach Clubs

Get access to the most competitive beach clubs and enjoy the best of what Ibiza has to offer.


Experience Ibiza – Tailored Tours

Our team at Ibiza specialist creates a unique experience for you during your stay here. We’ll show you the face of the island and take you unexpected places. We work with official, multilingual local guides in every corner of the island so you can you don’t have to wait or queue. Choose your ride and personalized touches like champagne and newspaper and head out to discover the island.

We take you through beautiful beaches, culinary tours, wine tasting experiences, walking tours, horseback excursions, jeep quad rides, jet ski tours, kayaking, shopping, and local celebrations, to mention but a few. Leave it to use to amaze you.


You’ll love the Ibiza Culture

Ibiza is also home to a variety of cultural activities, from the May Medieval fair to the jazz festival, music events, traditional festivities throughout the summer, conferences, and more. Our Ibiza specialist team will guide and inform you of ´what’s-on´ on the island.



Let us handle your corporate event in Ibiza so you can handle everything else. If you are considering organizing your corporate event in Ibiza, enquire for a quotation with us. We will organize the A to Z, from providing the best venues, transportation, stays, and activities. We have our own boat, which can be chartered. Get a chance to share an unforgettable experience on the white island.


Ibiza Entertainment


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