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IbizaSpecialist | About Us
We are a team of Ibiza lovers, some are originally from here and others were simply captured by the unique attraction which bewitches all those who come in contact with the White Island, but we all share the same passion: helping our guests live the Ibiza experience they have been dreaming of, with a customised service whether you desire a trendy experience or you are more into a laid back one. We like to say that we do not promise the impossible, we just get what you want.

We are your local experts – the island has no secrets from us, we know people and people know us.
We do not only provide services in the islands of Ibiza and Formentera but also in Mallorca, Valencia, Barcelona and the whole Mediterranean area, with a wide range of contributors and friends.
We have years of experience and there are no ordinary or extraordinary requests for us.

So, come and enjoy the experience you deserve!

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