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Ibiza is not only home to parties and nightlife, there are a large number of professionals, masseurs, osteopaths, aestheticians, hairdressers and a wide range of possibilities and the latest healing techniques. Experience the breath-taking views where you can practice yoga or simply relax enjoying the best massage or treatment. There´s only one thing better than all of this and that´s having it all come to your place. Relax and let us pamper you!

In Ibiza there are numerous amazing spas where you can spend an incredible day completely dedicated to yourself. Come and forget all the rest, you deserve it!
What´s the best way to start a holiday or find the cure of a night out? Simply dedicate some time to yourself and enjoy the best massage you can imagine. You are in Ibiza, where you can benefit from the up-to-date techniques with countless numbers of professional coming from all over the world. We can offer you all the well-known types of massage, as well as the original and unusual ones. Let yourself be amazed and transport yourself to another level.
This is a new entry in Ibiza as well as elsewhere. When the qualified operator works these specific moves on your body, you will immediately feel a lightness sensation, due to the release of various energetic channels that go through your body. The operator is playing Tibetan gongs to enrich and involve you in an ecstasy status. The best anti gravitational experience is assured. This massage is getting quite popular at events in villas, more than just as a single treatment, due to the size, transportation and time needed for the assembling.
Waxing, manicure & pedicure, hairdresser, make-up, oxygen bar, vitamin injections, face cleaning, face massage, lymphatic drainage, chocolate, gold, death sea, salt or coffee therapies, are only some of the treatments you can enjoy during your stay and you don´t even necessarily need to move anywhere.
Acupuncture, osteopathy, thalassotherapy and detox are only some of the treatments you can take advantage of during your stay in Ibiza and they’re all given by prepared, graduates high standard professionals. Please bear in mind that most of therapeutic treatments are partially refundable from insurance.
Whether it´s for a special event, wedding or a night out, we rely on the best hairdressers on the island. On-call, they can come to your place at any time and can perform a variety of treatments.
The best stylists will take care of your look for the occasion you need, using the best quality products in the market. Have our professionals help you shine for any occasion.


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